SCM Requirements

Download and complete ALL forms necessary and send to SCM before the registration deadline. Be sure carefully check the repertoire requirements for your level to avoid the confusion during the adjudication. Please direct any questions to us. Contacting your adjudicator directly is inappropriate.

Please print all information clearly with dark pen. If you have a user’s ID please put it directly above your return name and address. We only post the evaluation schedule on our web and please check it carefully and timely.

  1. Complete SCM Registration Entry Form
  2. Complete SCM Adjudicator Evaluation Form
  3. One check for the Exam and Registration fees
  4. Self-addressed and stamped envelope (required if you do not have email)
  5. For teachers who have more than 5 hours adjudication you may request for your available time on the day of evaluation, but not guaranteed.
  6. Once the schedules are post on our web there can no changes. Please understand that there are no make-ups or refunds. (We will post the schedule four weeks before the evaluation)
  7. Students should not arrive to exam location 15 minutes prior to your scheduled exam. We try to keep a quiet environment for students to focus on their exam.
  8. Students’ music should be open in order with measures numbered.
  9. Students should show respect to the adjudicator by dress clean and introduce you to the adjudicator at the beginning of each exam.
  10. Be sure to count your performing time carefully. For higher level students who want their complete repertoire to be heard please put your request on your Evaluation Form. You have to pay the additional charges.
  11. Students playing non-memorized repertoire for Level 8 or higher at exam must provide an extra score for the adjudicator with measures numbered. No photocopies please.
  12. Printed “CD Sheet Music” or internet legal sources are acceptable. They are considered as technology advances.