SCM Entry Procedure

Exam dates
The SCM takes place four times a year. To sign up for the SCM, read through the requirements
and select the date most convenient for you. Additionally, please download and complete the
Application Form and Adjudication Evaluation form. Mail them with the entry fee to
AMAC Violin Center at 67 E Floral Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006
Exam materials
Each exam registration window begins immediately after the preceding exam. The registration
window closes 31 days before the exam takes place. Participants will not be tested on music
theory the day of the exam and should instead complete the theory worksheet available on the
website on their own. Participants should be prepared to perform the required repertoire and
present a completed theory worksheet on the day of the exam. An SCM certificate will be
presented to all participants who passed the level exam.
Honors Recital
The Honors Recital is an additional performance opportunity available to participants who are
recommended by adjudicators during the SCM exam. If a participant is recommended for the
recital, they must contact AMAC Violin Center to sign up and to obtain further details as to the
recital schedule. Please note that the Honors Recital has an additional fee.
SCM is a performance-focused exam. Music theory is very important for young music learners.
However, because of the widespread availability of online music theory resources, students can
usually learn music theory without an additional exam. We find that the theory worksheet is
often sufficient to gauge a student’s theory proficiency. Please note that students may only
advance their levels twice a year.
SCM Levels and Other Performance Opportunities
SCM levels consist of ten exam levels. Once a student has completed all ten exam levels, there
are three additional Virtuoso Artist levels that provide the student with yet more performance
opportunities. AMAC Violin Center also hosts the wildly popular Satori Strings Contest and the
Southwest Bach Festival, which have been serving the performance needs of young musicians in
the greater Los Angeles area for over ten years.